Original Artworks

Whilst his commercial work flourishes, Owen dedicates time to exploring personal themes through experimental projects and original paper-cut artworks, always with a focus on precise cuts, layered compositions, and dynamic designs that play with depth and dimension. This page showcases some of his most recent collections and provides an insight into their creative process, as well as offering opportunity to purchase these unique pieces.

  • In collaboration with masters of print Harvey Lloyd Screens, this collection combines unique mono-screen prints with Owen's graphic hand-cut paper designs, and celebrates individuality, imperfection, and the magic of collaboration.

  • These pieces tell a story of human connection, stepping out of one’s comfort zone with the exchange of techniques and ideas, and the freedom that comes with embracing unexpected results. Through Harvey Lloyd and Owen's creative call and response, this seed of an idea grew into an amazing array of printed possibilities.

The Sublime Spectrum

The Sublime Spectrum

Owen's new series of Original Paper Cut Artwork, inspired by all of life’s wonderful spectrums.... 

A collection of original paper cut artworks, informed by gradients and geometric forms

Drawing inspiration from all of the wonderful and diverse spectrums of life, this ongoing series of geometric paper cut artworks is handcrafted from a range of layered paper stocks, forming satisfyingly seamless color gradients. Each unique piece is carefully mounted on board, signed by Owen, and presented in a modern white box frame.

  • Informed by nine of the NASA Spacecraft Kepler’s greatest findings over a nine year period, Owen visualised this groundbreaking celestial data through the creation of this vivid collection of original layered paper-cut artworks.

  • These seemingly abstract pieces tell the tale of newly discovered solar systems and exoplanets, featuring concentric rings, starbursts and graphic swirls in a vivid colour palette, that represent planetary details gathered by the famous Kepler over the years about their orbital periods, mass, radius and age.

Torn Giants

A collection of original paper artworks, created using torn off-cuts of textured paper stocks

This series represents a period of personal exploration and consists of six artworks, each one built up with multiple layers of torn paper before being framed with circular hand-cut paper forms. The torn nature of the paper adds an element of singularity to each piece, making them truly unrepeatable. Each unique piece is carefully mounted on board, signed by Owen, and presented in a modern white box frame.